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What to Expect When Selling your Home 

Selling your home can be a stressful process for some. You can have multiple agents, disclosures, showings, and inconveniences. It can also take longer and cost more money than you originally expected. Do not worry, all will be ok! 


Here is what to expect when selling your home: 

1. Listing

2. Getting your home ready 

3. Open House/Showings

4. Offers

5. Escrow 

6. Closing

Listing your home

The first and most important step to selling your home is hiring the right realtor! At our listing presentation we will discuss items such as how much your home is worth, what repairs if any are needed, commissions, contracts, advertising and finally putting your home on the live market. This is also where I will go over all of the services that we will provide to you as our client. 

Getting your home ready

Before your home is put on the live market it is extremely important to spruce up, declutter, or even stage your home before the first open house and photos are taken. Often times this can be accomplished as a weekend project. If your home requires a little more work, additional time and money will be required to accomplish the task. Getting your home ready for potential buyers is key to selling your home!

Open houses and showings

At times open houses and showings can seem or feel inconvenient. Have patience! I know it can be frustrating, however this process is crucial in order for potential buyers to view your home and have it sell as soon as possible. The more slot times your home is open to view, the better.       


As a realtor one of my jobs is to get you the most value for your home. If your home is priced correctly and is competitive with other homes there should be no problem in receiving offers. We will always hope for a multiple offer situation where the price is driven up, but not all cases are like this. When we do come to this point we look at all options and either accept, reject or counter the offer(s). 


When you accepted an offer, you will then go into escrow. Escrow is a process where a third party entity ensures that all sides of the transaction will run smoothly for both parties involved. They will also take care of all financial aspects until completion. While in escrow you will have disclosures to sign, the buyers will inspections and appraisals to conduct on the home. As your realtor, it is my job to provide you with detailed explanations, answer any questions you may have, as well as keeping you informed as to what is going on throughout the escrow process. I will guide you every step of the way!  


At the end of the transaction, it may get a bit hectic. There will be many disclosures to sign, final walk-through, and final documents for escrow. All will be ok. When you are done...congratulations you have sold your home! 

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