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Why is it important to be pre-approved?

To be a serious buyer in today's market, most sellers will not accept an offer unless you have been pre-approved by a lender in order to minimize any potential risks during the escrow process. Obtaining pre-approval is determined by a number of factors. Lenders will verify basic information such as FICO scores, work history, identification, assets, and income.

My opinion as your realtor: 

Get pre-approved! Besides the aforementioned factors, as a realtor a pre-approval letter lets me know what your budget is to buy a home. 

How to get pre-approved:

You can get pre-approved from a lender of your choosing, or my preferred lender. 

My preferred lender:

Ante Zlomislic

Advantage First

NMLS # 0181133

Direct: 949.694.1895

List of what you will need to get Pre-approved:

Tax Returns- Prior 2 Years

ALL W2/1099- Prior 2 Years

Bank Statements: Prior 2 Months

Proof of monetary funds- Down Payment 

Pay Stubs- Prior 2 Months 

State issued Identification 

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